Controversial proposal by the Health and Human Services Department drew letters from 4,000 organizations, individuals in 20-day comment period.
FBI advice: Respect info security fundamentals … or else April 17, 2017 | Bill Siwicki - Managing Editor of Healthcare IT News
Cyber division agent says healthcare organizations should make use of the FBI to better prepare them to ward off cyberattacks.
HIMSS pushes Tom Price to delay 2015-edition EHR deadline April 17, 2017 | Bill Siwicki - Managing Editor of Healthcare IT News
Organization asks HHS to move the deadline from Jan. 1, 2018, to July 1, 2018, to account for government delay in releasing final specs.
Dubbed 'Operation Avalanche,' alleged fraud ring involved three Brooklyn clinics, illegal oxycodone prescriptions, fraudulent Medicare claims.
ONC updates SAFER guides, outline best practices for EHR configuration April 03, 2017 | Mike Miliard - Contributing Editor
In addition to checklists and templates to help improve quality and safety, the new guides offer tips on prevention and mitigation of ransomware.
California doctors have long decried California's Medi-Cal rates, which are lower than those of Medicaid programs in 45 other states, D.C.
Donald Rucker named new national coordinator at ONC April 03, 2017 | Bernie Monegain - Editor, Healthcare IT News
Rucker's name on Friday was listed in the HHS directory, but officials would not confirm the appointment.
Late move to dump essential benefits could strand chronically ill March 24, 2017 | Kaiser Health News -
Doing away with essential benefits could potentially take Americans back to the time before the Affordable Care Act, when insurers avoided expensive patients by denying them coverage.
Cholesterol drug Repatha prevents heart attacks but is it too expensive? March 17, 2017 | Kaiser Health News -
While some doctors are celebrating the medication as a major achievement against heart disease, others said they expect more from a drug that costs $14,000 per year.
Trump's budget proposal takes $15 billion from HHS March 17, 2017 | Henry Powderly - Editor-in-Chief of Healthcare Finance
The president's proposal would move AHRQ into the NIH, cut $4.2 billion from LIHEAP, but add $500 million to support substance abuse programs.
5 ways the GOP health bill would reverse course on the Affordable Care Act March 13, 2017 | Kaiser Health News -
The budget rule Congress is using limits them from repealing the entire law and they are likely to keep some of the most popular provisions. Here's a look at major changes.
Leaked ACA replacement reveals Republicans plans to drop tax credits for the wealthy March 06, 2017 | Bill Siwicki - Managing Editor of Healthcare IT News
If it passes, the latest version would enact Medicaid block grants to U.S. states and phase out Medicaid expansion for low-income adults.
HITRUST tunes security framework for smaller medical groups March 02, 2017 | Mike Miliard - Contributing Editor
The new iteration comes after HITRUST heard from smaller practices who are looking to meet regulatory requirements and bolster cybersecurity.
Urban and rural hospitals dread losing ground with ACA repeal March 02, 2017 | Kaiser Health News -
The American Hospital Association and the Federation of American Hospitals have already warned of "an unprecedented public health crisis" if Congress and Trump hastily repeal the Affordable Care Act.
Former House speaker John Boehner: Most of the ACA will remain intact February 27, 2017 | Mike Miliard - Contributing Editor
The former Ohio Rep. pointed to coverage for pre-existing conditions and kids up to 26 years old as well as subsidies for those who can't afford insurance and aren't on Medicaid as provisions that Congress is likely to keep.
Q&A: Obama's drug czar says opioid crisis must continue to be a federal priority February 13, 2017 | Kaiser Health News -
Michael Botticelli, who ran the White House's Office of National Drug Policy, took a public health approach to fighting widespread opioid abuse and said that Trump's promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act could compromise anti-addiction efforts.
What made Obamacare succeed in some states? Hint: It's not politics February 13, 2017 | Kaiser Health News -
Insurer competition varied widely within states, with the most dramatic differences between urban and rural areas. The more populated regions tended to have more insurance competition and better-priced plans than rural areas.
Tom Price confirmed as HHS Secretary February 13, 2017 | Susan Morse - Associate Editor, Healthcare Finance
Price needed no Democratic nods in the 52-47 party-line vote as Republicans hold a majority in the Senate.
Employers fret job-based coverage vulnerable to fallout from GOP health law overhaul February 03, 2017 | Kaiser Health News -
Any new health law needs substantial revenue to replace the Cadillac tax as well as ACA taxes on health insurers, medical devices and high-income households that paid for care expansion -- assuming those measures are repealed. Otherwise, it risks stranding the millions getting government-subsidized Obamacare coverage.
5 things to know about Trump's Supreme Court pick February 03, 2017 | Jessica Davis - Associate Editor, Healthcare IT News
Judge Neil Gorsuch has a history of pushing back on federal agencies and regulations particular to healthcare. Let's take a look.