WorkSmart MD, Inc. announces educational resources to help medical practices maximize revenue

WorkSmart MD, Inc. has announced its launch of an educational website that helps physicians and community health centers (FQHC) improve their profitability and maximize medical billing revenue.

"In the complex regulatory environment of healthcare the cost of doing business continues to rise every year meanwhile, medical billing reimbursements are shrinking and it is becoming more difficult to collect. WorkSmart MD and Synergy Billing Solutions are pleased to sponsor and provide physicians and community health centers with practical advice to improve their financial performance" reports Ronnie Reeves, Revenue Specialist for WorkSmart MD and Synergy Billing.

In conjunction with WorkSmart MD reports a series of free educational webinars on "Maximizing Revenue for Physicians and Health Centers." The webinar covers 10 common revenue pit falls and practical advice. Each webinar is held live and runs 30-45 minutes.

"We've been helping physicians for nearly 12 years to improve their bottom line. We've literally helped hundreds of physicians and health centers to maximize their revenue – and our webinars are our way of sharing what we have learned and helping others "adds M. Jayson Meyer, CEO of WorkSmart MD, Inc.

WorkSmart MD, Inc. is a leading provider of medical billing and EMR services to physicians. Since 2001 WorkSmart MD has helped hundreds of physicians in over 20 specialties improve the financial performance of their practice. WorkSmart MD was founded by entrepreneur M. Jayson Meyer who has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey show, CBS 48 hours, and in the Wall Street Journal.