Sermo: Crowdsourcing with a diagnostic edge

Sermo is an online community exclusive to physicians, a safe and trusted place for doctors to collaborate with peers. Sermo offers web and mobile clinical tools and resources within a discussion forum, enabling physicians to crowdsource insights and consult each other on patient cases and other medical topics, with the goal of improving healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. Sermo also allows physicians to earn honoraria by participating in market research studies funded by industry stakeholders.

Active Users: 265,000, or 40 percent of the U.S. physician population

Market positioning (responses provided by Sermo):

  1. What topics are resonating the most with physician members in your network? The opportunity to consult peers virtually in real time and get the collective opinion and advice on the best course of action for their patients. Approximately 50 percent of cases posted are “Solved on Sermo” (i.e. by the community) in a matter of hours. On a typical consult, over 200 years of combined medical education — often across multiple specialties -— converge on an individual patient within hours at zero cost to the healthcare system.
  2. What makes Sermo unique in the market? The collective wisdom/crowdsourced nature of the community for which the platform was purpose-built. Physicians' work habits and practice settings have been highly considered to ensure that the tools and resources (e.g., clinical consults) we’ve built would offer maximum value at the point of care.
  3. What should every physician-physician network strive to achieve? Clear privacy settings (given the sensitivity of the content), security, openness, transparency and a very high bar for authentication upon registration/entry.
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