Oto: Converting an iPhone into a digital otoscope

The CellScope Oto is a smartphone-enabled otoscope. It enables you to visualize a patient's ear canal and eardrum by converting an iPhone into a connected, digital otoscope.

Market positioning (responses provided by CellScope):

  1. How does this technology enhance the physician experience or business operations within a small-medium sized practice? The Oto is a patient engagement tool. Physicians who capture videos of their patients' eardrums can share the visuals with their patients, allowing for a better understanding of a diagnosis and treatment plan. Additionally, physicians can capture images to include as part of a digital record in order to track the evolution of an ear infection.
  2. What makes this device/application unique in the market? CellScope is a smartphone-enabled tool to allow physicians to capture, compare and share visualizations of the tympanic membrane. The combination of hardware design that allows attachment directly to the phone and smart software makes the Oto an inexpensive alternative to cumbersome, USB-connected digital otoscopes.
  3. What are your development goals for this technology from now through the next two years? CellScope is looking to take the technology into the home for use as a remote monitoring device. In addition to the otoscope, we plan to offer other imaging tools to enable remote visits.
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