healow Patient Portal

Product: The healow Patient Portal

Company: eClinicalWorks

Website: http://eclinicalworks.com/healow.htm

The healow Patient Portal is part of the eClinicalWorks V9 suite of EHR software which includes practice management, appointment scheduling, billing and secure messaging. The Patient Portal provides a secure background where patients can review their personal health records (PHR), view lab results, request refills of authorized prescriptions, request referrals, or ask general questions.  Pricing starts at $499/month as part of the basic eClinicalWorlks suite ($599 when the practice management module is included) for up to 9 physicians. Can be run on local servers or in a cloud environment. Supports HL7, CCR, CCD, and HITSP. Database support for either SQL or MySQL.

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Vendor background: A provider of ambulatory clinical solutions, eClinicalWorks serves a customer base of more than 80,000 physicians and 472,000-plus medical professionals nationwide. According to eClinicalWorks, approximately one American out of every five has health information data stored within at least one form of eClinicalWorks software -- including an EMR/PM system, an electronic health information exchange program, mobile and messenger suites as well as a population management system.

Market positioning (responses provided by vendor):

  1. What do you feel differentiates your product from the market? More than 14 million patients are currently using the healow platform to access their personal health information. It is a single place for patients to go for their entire health record or that of family members, providing a complete online experience for patients to access medical records, communicate with providers securely, fill medical forms online, pay bills online and more.
  2. What is one standout feature of this patient portal? The patient's health record as well as personal profile can be securely transported and shared by the patient with provider practices in their personal healthcare network. This level of integration delivers an enhanced user experience and streamlined workflow for receiving providers at the point of care.
  3. Why should practices opt for your product over an EHR-inclusive option? healow has been built with the fundamental goal of making it simple for providers and patients to be engaged. Both provider and patient workflows are thought through. It is powered by the healow platform, providing a suite of patient engagement solutions designed for independent practices and providers.

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