Electronic Medical Assistant: Structured data in a touchscreen EHR

Electronic Medical Assistant (EMA) from Modernizing Medicine is a cloud-based, specialty-specific electronic medical record system with a library of built-in medical content and coding expertise, designed to save physicians time. Available as a native iPad application or from any Web-enabled Mac or PC, EMA remembers each physician’s preferences and is designed to interface with hundreds of practice management systems. EMA collects structured data enabling physicians to track how a patient’s disease or condition has changed over time and aggregate de-identified information from patients across the country to discover treatments for a variety of diseases. 

Market postioning (responses provided by Modernizing Medicine):

  1. How does this technology enhance the physician experience or business operations within a small-medium sized practice? Specialty-specific physicians built EMA for their own needs and the needs of their peers, so EMA is intended to conform to physician’s workflow and specialty-specific medical knowledge out of the box. EMA’s Interactive Anatomical Atlas is a zoomable 3D layered tool with over 36,000 touch-points. Physicians can manipulate body images by peeling back the skin to reveal muscles, joints and tendons. By touching the body parts on an iPad, physicians document a patient’s exam with structured data. This feature will facilitate completion of ICD-10 superbills.
  2. What makes this device/application unique in the market? Driven by touch, EMA adapts to each provider's style of practice and produces notes; codes exams and procedures; e-prescribes; orders labs; prints pathology requisitions and more. Since it is cloud-based, EMA is available virtually anywhere, anytime. With EMA’s collection of structured data, physicians can determine if a patient’s conditions are improving or declining by viewing historical clinical data in an easy-to-understand graphical format. Physicians gain access to disease-specific popular treatments in clinical context, and search their patient base, practice base or across the entire network.
  3. What are your development goals for this technology from now through the next two years? Modernizing Medicine plans to enhance current offerings and grow into new markets. EMA Dermatology has captured over 20 percent of the dermatology market, and new enhancements are aimed at increasing its popularity. Modernizing Medicine plans to leverage outcomes data from millions of patient encounters to improve treatments by including EMA Outcomes and EMA Grand Rounds in all specialty-specific solutions. Plans are underway to launch EMA for rheumatology and gastroenterology. Modernizing Medicine is developing a new prototype application within EMA Dermatology, schEMA powered by IBM Watson, as part of participation in the IBM Watson Ecosystem program. schEMA will provide evidence-based medical answers from clinical journals to a query submission.
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$650 per provider, per month.

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