Doctors' favorite prescribable apps

Last year marked a stellar year for the mHealth app market, with over one-third of physicians recommending mobile apps to patients, according to a Manhattan Research survey.

And it looks as though 2015 will bring even more interest, with doctors increasingly supporting the mobile app market, reported Research2Guidance.

Recent analysis by health information provider HealthTap ranked the apps that physicians recommend most, taking into consideration the professional opinions of over 65,000 in-network docs and an additional 500,000 referral network docs.

"We're weighing in on medical validity," remarked HealthTap founder and CEO Ron Gutman told Medical Practice Insider sister site mHealth News. "It all boils down to, would you recommend this app or not? Yes or no? Are you going to stand behind it and put your name and reputation behind it?"

The goal, Gutman said, is to present clinicians and consumers with a more comprehensive guide for choosing apps that have medical vetting.

So, what did over half a million providers say were some of their go-to health apps? Click the banners below to find out what the top 10 Android and iOS health apps are, according to physicians.