Compare: 7 file-sharing platforms side by side

HIPAA is driving a lot of small healthcare providers to look for solutions for securing data, according to Sookasa developer Asaf Cidon

File-sharing platforms cater to this provider drive to achieve HIPAA compliance while potentially saving them money in the long run. What are the financial considerations among secure, cloud-based communication and storage packages? Medical Practice Insider compares the top options in the file-sharing market in the table below.

Product Vendor Pricing Twitter Interested?

Starter Package Business Package

$5 per month/per user; 3-10 users.

$15 per month/per user; 3 users and up.
Group Option 1 Group Option 2
$95 per year for 1 GB of storage per single user. $195 per year for 25 GB of storage per single user.
Team Starter Business Option
$75 a month for up to 15 users; allows up to 500 GB of storage. $15 per month/per user; 5-500 users; up to 1 TB (1,000 GB) of storage.
Basic Package Professional Package
$29.95 a month for up to 2 employees; allows up to 5 GB of storage and bandwidth. $59.95 per month for up to 10 users; 10 GB of storage and bandwidth.
Personal Security Compliance Plan
Free for one user, but no guarantee of HIPAA-compliance. $100 per user/ per year.
Professional Package Enterprise Package
$9.95 per user/ per month; 3 user minimum; 1 TB online storage. $19.95 per user/ per month; 10 user minimum; 5 TB online storage.

Professional Package Enterprise Package
$15 per user/per month; 1 TB of storage. Custom pricing; 1 TB of storage.

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