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One pediatrician’s case against telemedicine June 15, 2016 | Jack McCarthy
If you think your smartphone is more apt than your pediatrician, Chad Hayes writes, perhaps it's time to find a new doctor. MORE
At a time when providers are being challenged to become more innovative, it seems reasonable to think one good place to look for ideas or inspiration might be the retailers who've made healthcare innovation a core of their business strategies. MORE
4 ICD-10 mistakes to avoid March 24, 2016 | Carl Natale
Six months in and coders are encountering issues. Let's take a quick look. MORE
Googlers attended an executive education program to better understand how doctors function and hope, in turn, the take-aways will inform product development. MORE
Recent improvements in technology, advances in behavioral science, and shifts in health financing are creating exciting new possibilities for patients and physicians alike. MORE
Update on sequela encounters using ICD-10 March 08, 2016 | Carl Natale
It appears that for now one of the most confusing parts about ICD-10 coding is specifying the encounter that the physician has with a patient. MORE
CMS grace period and providers using the term "unspecified" when submitting ICD-10 claims may be keeping claims denial rates in check. For now. MORE
New healthcare career: transitionalist February 17, 2016 | Jeff Rowe
The new job focuses on identifying patient health goals, ensuring coordination and continuity of care. MORE
Are you ready for the Internet of Things? January 04, 2016 | Jeff Rowe
As IOT blossoms from buzzword to everyday application, 2016 is the year to expect some development, policy and standards issues to arise. MORE
Coders: 4 things to know other than ICD-10 December 28, 2015 | Carl Natale
A 20-year veteran coder offers some hard-earned wisdom. Most of it pertains to those statements and questions that make her cringe. MORE
Why small security breaches can be damaging December 14, 2015 | Jeff Rowe
The actual harm in big breaches has thus far been minimal when compared to what happens when a particular individual's medical record is exposed. MORE
Looking back on 2015 December 10, 2015 | Jeff Rowe
ICD-10, meaningful use, omnibus HIPAA as well as Amazon and Google round out this list of important happenings in healthcare during the last 12 months. MORE
An MIT project aims to derive biological signals from a smartphone's accelerometer by capturing small movements of the user's body. MORE
The weird, warped values of our ICD-10 obsession October 29, 2015 | Richard Loomis, MD
Cow bites, duck strikes and jet engines ... What our fascination with unusual ICD-10 codes reveals about medicine and our healthcare system. MORE
Physician's need to pay more attention to the spaces in between office visits, some doctors said, and start looking at healthcare as a collaboration. MORE


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